VolunteerPolitics, we hardly knew Ye….

One of our crack team stumbled across a new (old?) website of which we were heretofore unaware.


A rather obvious attempt to counter the growing impact of Rocky Top Politics, this little website started with big claims.  It began with its first post on August 28 — with a rip-off of RTP’s “Winners and Losers” (to be fair, RTP ripped off the idea from Tom Humphrey first). VolPol disappeared after Sept. 16. That’s less than three weeks. We’ve had hangovers last longer than Volunteer Politics.

A little digging around and we came across the rumor VolPol was started at the request of none other than Mark Cate, who recruited a member of Nashville’s “First Tuesday” Republican group to create the copycat site. But regardless of who started it, it soon petered out.

The article “Bob Ries Could Win” is a good example why it never caught on. Bob Ries could get elected to Congress? Yeah, and monkeys could fly out our butts.

VolPol was gone before we ever saw it. Just days before its demise the author(s) was celebrating something called the site’s “Weekiversary” while complaining about how hard it was to do a political blog, but still predicting “we’ll be around for a long, long time.”  But alas, now VolPol is gone.  Being a mindless toady of the administration is harder than it looks, eh, VolPol?

Caught so flatfooted by our “competition,” we here at RTP resolve to start getting out more. Or at least stop watching so much on-line porn….


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