TN Dems pick Loser to head State Party

Well THAT didn’t take long…..

Does the job of state chairman for the Democrat Party really suck so bad that the only person who will take the position has to be someone who has recently lost an election?

First it was Roy Herron, who had recently lost a congressional race.  But the TV cameras had not even turned off their lights at Gloria Johnson’s concession HQs before people like Craig Fitzhugh started complimenting Jones on her new job as state party chairman.

What’s next?  Gordon Ball to be named Haslam’s next Commissioner of Education?

And speaking of Losers….


T.E.A. Loses – Again?

With the lack of competitive races in which to participate, the TEA zeroed in on one in particular – Rep. Gloria Johnson. The old rusty liberal political machine groaned back to life just in time to watch Johnson lose.

Once again, the scene from T.E.A.’s election war room:Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 4.57.35 PM

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