Haslamites use Chicago-style “Thug” political tactics

"We've gotta a message for youse from the Guv...."

“We’ve gotta a message for youse from the Guv….”

Shades of Jimmy Naifeh.

Last week RTP reported the District Attorneys Association had refused to endorse Amendment #2, despite the pleading of AG Herbert Slatery and the veiled threats from Safety Commissioner Bill Gibbons.

But in a tactic that would have made former Speaker “Emeritus” Jimmy Naifeh blush (and making Jimmy blush is a difficult task indeed), the Haslam thugs used a tactic best found in the corrupt wards of Obama’s Chicago.  The DA staff suddenly “decided” to hold the vote “open” long enough for Gibbons and the governor’s people to round up enough strayNaifeh votes by phone in order to overturn the original decision not to endorse (sounds like the time when Naifeh held open the vote on a state income tax in order to round up enough votes, doesn’t it?).

This is not the first time the administration has been caught trying to intimidate and strong-arm people who disagree with it.  In fact, RTP reported another incident that directly involved — guess who? — Bill Gibbon’s Safety Dept.


And a hat-tip to TNReport for an excellent job of reporting:

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