EXCLUSIVE: DAs tell Governor to stick it.

where the sun dont shineOn or about October 14th (last week) Safety Commissioner Bill Gibbons and the new Attorney General Herbert Slatery went before the District Attorneys’ conference. The agenda: to secure the DAs’ endorsement of Amendment #2 (smells like its number…)

The DAs took a vote and refused to endorse. According to RTP’s sources Gibbons was absolutely livid. But Gibbons went a step further and pointedly asked if they knew just how “invested” the governor was in the passage of Amendment #2. The DAs were not persuaded.  Most of the DAs took it as a veiled threat (which, of course, it was), but they stood their ground.

Note to Gibbons and Slatery: Increasingly the governor is falling into the same category has Kevin Huffman’s idol, Barack Obama. His ineptitude is becoming more apparent and the level of respect is plummeting, even among many of his supporters. More ominous for the guv is the fact that no one seems to fear him any more.  That’s what four years of indecision, liberal policies and attacking your fellow Republicans will do for a man’s reputation.

It’s going to be a long, lame duck four years and the most recent people to notice that are the DAs.

Good for them.

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