Fitzhugh’s Got A Point

Far be it for RTP to agree with with the Chief of the Largely Irrelevant Tribe (aka House Dems), but Craig Fitzhugh is the latest to notice the governor has no clothes.

Haslam seems hell-bent on trying to jam through major policy changes (such as Common Core, Medicare expansion, etc.) that he knows he could never get through the Republican legislature, but if he thought he could count on Democrat votes to support his liberal social policies, he may be severely disappointed.

First Haslam said he was waiting on a report from Vanderbilt as to whether years of billions of dollars spent on Pre-K programs had made a dimes worth of difference in the education of Tennessee kids (short answer: No.).  But it seems the study will be just a tad late — about 5 years late.  But after repeatedly insisting he need the study to make a decision, Haslam wasted no time swinging into action and doing what he does best — begging the Obama Administration to spend more tax dollars.

The governor wants to take the Fed’s money but only apply it to Shelby and Davidson counties.  This is to be acknowledged for what it is:  get the other 93 counties to notice that they are not getting anything, then they will start demanding their legislators support an even larger expansion.  But Fitzhugh noticed just one teeny problem with that strategy.

It’s probably illegal.

Will someone please tell this governor that if he wants to spend tax dollars like a drunken Democrat why doesn’t he just go ahead and join the other party?  Or at least try to do so without breaking the law?  Or maybe he could spend a bunch of money trying to defeat Republicans in the legislature who disagree with him.

Oh, wait, he’s already tried that.emporer

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