Advance Tennessee Debacle Double Down.

Governor’s “friends” PAC Spent nearly $250,000 dollars to defeat one (count ‘em, 1) GOP legislator.

Rep. Shipley  The Quarter Million Dollar Man.

Rep. Shipley
The Quarter Million Dollar Man.

Election reports released over the weekend should that the Haslam & Cate concocted Advance Tennessee PAC spent considerably more than the $135,000 they reported right before the primary – try nearly double that amount.

In what is now considered one of the most classic bone-headed, shoot-yourself-in-the-foot, counter-productive political debacles in recent history, “friends” of Gov. Haslam (meaning all evidence points towards Haslam asking his “friends” to do it) targeted eight incumbent legislators of the governor’s own party for defeat. Haslam nearly wet himself dissembling when reporters Andrea Zelinski asked him about his involvement in the fiasco. The guv’s chief of staff Mark Cate was directly involved, but as yet hasn’t been man enough to come forward and admit it. (Now don’t ket all huffy Mark, and fly off the handle.  Your contrived temper tantrums are old news around the LP and people are starting to laugh about your feeble attempts at intimidation).

The net result: The Advance Tennessee money resulted in the just one targeted legislator losing – Rep. Tony Shipley. RTP does not count the Stacy Campfield race – by the time Advance TN spent a paltry last-minute sum on that race, Campfield was already long gone under the onslaught of Dr. Briggs’ $350,000 expenditure.

The new report shows that unregistered lobbyist Brian Kaegi was paid even more money than originally thought. His firm received nearly $75,000 (is it too late for Scott Niswonger to get his money back for non-performance?).

Great job, guys.

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