Haslam: “Failure to communicate?”


Haslam explaining how to handle an anti-Common Core legislator:


In a recent TNReport article, “Republican” Gov. Bill Haslam breezily dismissed concerns about Common Core:

Haslam said he still supports the controversial nationally focused education-standards system, which appears to be growing in unpopularity among Tennessee teachers. There’s also a sizable contingent of Republican lawmakers in the state’s General Assembly who’ve committed themselves to thwarting it.

“There is some disagreement about where they came from and how they originated; I think there are some misconceptions, and I also think it is a little irrelevant.”

“Appropriate Vehicle?”

Haslam went on to offer a vague promise to establish a policy-discussion forum on Common Core that provides “everybody a chance to have some comment on it.”

“We are trying to figure out the appropriate vehicle to do that, and we will come back to you soon with how we propose to do that across the state,” said Haslam.

Would this be the same secret closed-door meetings Haslam held around the state back in July?  Meetings set up in coordination with TOSS, whose lobbyist is also the lobbyist for Pearson?  Surely not.

Rocky Top has a suggestion for the Guv on what would be an “appropriate vehicle.”  It too was announced with great fanfare and publicity and Common Core seems headed for the same results:




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