Chris Barbic to Replace Huffman?

The rumor mill is a-buzzin’ with the prediction that Kevin “I Voted for Obama” Huffman will be replaced soon by his close buddy and non-Tennessean, Chris Barbic – the highly paid Achievement School District superintendent.

Chris Barbic

Chris Barbic

Of course, there’s the little problem of not one, but two multi-million dollar lawsuits against Huffman and Barbic. One of the lawsuits sued Barbic personally as well as in his official capacity. Should make for interesting discussion during hearings at the LP next session.

If Barbic’s appointment happens, that would beg the whole question of why, out of 95,000+ Tennessee educators, 9 public universities and a population of 6,500,000 people Haslam seems incapable of finding just one person to head up the education of Tennessee’s children.

Guess there’s not that many Democrats left in the state for him to choose from.

Stayed tuned in to Rocky Top for more revelations about Chris Barbic, regardless of whether or not he gets the top job.

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