Speaker Harwell and S.C.O.R.E. try to hide the news

spikeBack in ancient times, when dinosaurs ruled the earth and print newspapers were a profitable enterprise, one of the favorite ways for editors to impose their personal biases on the public was to “spike” stories that did not align with the editors’ ideological prejudices.  The MSM still practices selective story selection of course, but it an age of the Internet and alternative news sources (such as RTP), it has been increasingly difficult to hide bad news, especially when they are big stories.

The Vanderbilt study that stomped on Common Core and the governor’s agenda was one such story.  It was too big to ignore for the Tennessean, but that did not keep others who have financial and political interests in Common Core from making a lame attempt to paper over the 5,000 lb. teacher’s survey sitting in the corner of the room.

[Editor’s note:  We are pretty sure it is one of the Seven Signs of the Apocalypse when a conservative outfit like RTP can’t get accurate reporting of a news story from Republican leadership and has to turn to the Tennessean to get the whole story.]

First up was Speaker Beth Harwell’s daily news feed that she sends out to legislators and others.  Her office dutifully reported the article about the governor’s spin on “vetting Common Core” but somehow completely missed the article about the Vandy study.  Misinforming (or more accurately, “not informing”) her GOP caucus members about the biggest state political news story of the day is inexcusable.  What else is she not telling her members?

SCORE’s sins of omission were even more odious.  As of this morning, their website still had no reference of the Vanderbilt study, even though the very reason for SCORE’s existence is to defend , promote and pimp for Common Core.

Pitiful.  Just pitiful.

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