Will the last Democrat to leave Party HQs please turn out the lights?

Roy Herron has left the building.  And on his way out he blew $300,000 to help guarantee a Republican Attorney General!Herron

Atta boy, Roy.

Herron announced he would not seek re-election as Democratic Party chairman .   Smart move — he probably could not have been re-elected.  A whole slew of left-wingnuts were elected to the party’s state executive committee in the August election, and Roy learned how to count votes back during his days in the legislature.  He was a dead man walking.

Now the Democratic Party can return to its roots:  with environmentalist wackos, union subsidiaries like the T.E.A. and the odd assortment of oddballs like Chip Forrester, things can get back to normal around here.

Word is the Republicans are running out of districts to take away from the Dems, but RTP believes there is no truth to the rumor that Ron Ramsey is looking to increase the number of Senate seats to 50 just so he will have something to do during elections.  Beth Harwell, on the other hand would like to eliminate a couple of dozen House seats as well as eliminate the Republicans who currently hold them.

Speaker Harwell
Speaker Harwell

In advance of that effort, we hear the Speaker is already denying she talked over the strategy with Mark Cate.  She also claims she has never heard of Advance Tennessee, Scott Niswonger, the Claytons, Jamie Woodson or Jimmy Haslam.  One can never be too cautious, ya know…..

As for Herron, we can’t help but laugh at his admission he spent $300,000 of money the Democrats can ill-afford to spend, just to have his efforts wind up electing Herbert Slatery XVI as the first Republican AG since Andrew Johnson was in the White House.  Roy says he was double crossed by one of the Supremes.

The less charitable might say he was just naive and stupid.

And now he’s gone.

No wonder.

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