LIVE: From you know where

Oh, wow.  Someone just mentioned YES! Preparatory Academy and Chris Barbic.  Failed to mention that Barbic and Huffman are being sued for $10 million for allegedly trying to rig contracts to Yes! Prep — a school founded by Barbic.bag over head

This guy is talking about Yes! again.  You can recognize Barbic at the “summit” by the photo to the right, but it is hard to assess his reaction since he is wearing a paper bag over his head.  And they sat him in the corner without a mic.  Guess his defense lawyer told him not to talk.


Wait,  the Governor is saying something.  YES!  It’s over.  Thank God.

The net benefit from this last-minute, poorly organized, PR stunt?  Nothing.  Not a damn thing.

I will get the guys back for making come here.

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