BREAKING: Slatery new AG pick

And da Winner is......
And da Winner is……

The Supremes have made their choice and selected RINO and close Haslam confidant, Herb Slatery, as Tennessee’s new Attorney General.  Now that the dust has settled, who is the biggest winner in the process?

Ron Ramsey.

How’s that, you ask?  Simple:  does anyone believe the justices would not have stuck with Bob Cooper had Ramsey not initiated an aggressive retention challenge in the August election?  To Ramsey, even a squishy Republican is better than any Democrat.  The 150+ years of Democrats as AG’s has finally been broken, and Tennesseans can thank Ramsey for that.

Ron’s electoral challenge may not have been a victory, but in the process the Lt. Governor looks as though he just scored a TKO.


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