Same whine, new bottle?


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With the slow-motion demise of the Tennessean, it was probably inevitable that former newspaper types (a booming group) would wax nostalgic about the “glory days.”

So when Bruce Dobie and others failed in their attempt to buy the grossly over-priced Tennessean for $200 million, they dusted of the old Nashville Banner masthead, prompting a spasm of glee from like-minded supporters.  “Finally!” they said.  “A real newspaper!”

Here’s the problem: One reason the Tennessean, and practically every other legacy unit of the Mainstream Media is failing is that their business model doesn’t work anymore (think “major record labels”).  But another huge reason the journalistic re-treads are loathe to acknowledge is that they have been writing a product that ignores, even scorns, the large majority of their market.

While Tennessee has been galloping to the right, the Tennessean held fast to it’s liberal, Democrat biases (how noble), and watched while thousands of readers and million of dollars in advertising walked right out the door.  The result was predictable and merciless.  And now former liberals want to put a new masthead on a piece of newsprint and, we assume, revert to their old liberal ways and expect a different result.  The irony here, of course, is that they want to “revive” the Banner, which was general considered a conservative  outlet during its day.

FOX News and conservative talk radio are successful for a reason.  There is also a reason for the  failing fortunes of MSNBC and liberal newspapers like the Tennessean.

All this good advice comes straight from the fine folks at RTP.  And it didn’t cost you a dime — much less $200 million.


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