Human Sacrifice

The Department of Education bureaucrat who was at the center of the TCAP testing disaster  in May has left the building.

Erin O”Hara,  who was Kevin “IVFO” Huffman’s point person in his illegal delay, manipulation and misuse of the TCAP scores, has left (was fired?) her post, as reported by the Tennesseanohara_2.  We say illegal, despite AG Bob “Please let me stay” Cooper’s tortured “opinion” that attempted to exonerate Huffman’s clear violation of state law and the intent of the legislature.

As regular readers of RTP will remember, back on May 21st, our writers were the first to focus attention on Ms. O’Hara:

But here is the most important thing to remember about Ms. O’Hara-Block: she never spent one day as a teacher in the classroom. Instead she took her nose-bleed education and $50 million of our tax dollars and in one fell swoop made the lives of over a million Tennessee teachers, administrators, students and parents absolutely miserable. That leads to the inevitable question:

Why does Erin O’Hara block still have her job?

And why hasn’t her boss, Kevin “IVFO” Huffman been forced to resign?

So now that the proper length of time has elapsed to allow Huffman and Haslam a semblance of cover, Erin is out on her keister.  No word yet on whether her miscreant boss will be held accountable for his role in this scandal.  But rumors are bouncing around LP that Huffman’s day of judgment may be nigh.  (RTP will have more on that later)

O’Hara says she is leaving in mid-career in order to travel to Europe.

We hear Ukraine is lovely this time of year.ukraine

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