Somewhere out there is a restraining order with Debra Maggart’s name on it.

Politicians in heat!   Cover your kid’s eyes.   Hide the dog!

From an outfit called, comes a riveting tale of intrigue, crime, lust and politics. It involves former Republican state legislator — now Democrat lobbyist — Debra Maggart, her alleged paramour — GoodeHendersonville Alderman Paul Goode — and a host of colorful characters that would make Fellini blush.

The story goes that Goode filed a criminal complaint last month when someone removed one of his yard signs.  EverythingHendersonville says they have it all on tape, having secured the audio of the police interview with Goode when he filed his complaint.  This, of course, begs a couple of obvious questions:  What political idiot (a) files a criminal complaint over a $5.00 yard sign and, (b) allows the police to record him?

We will take a moment to let you read the whole thing…..

[elevator music interlude, or you can hum the theme from Jeopardy…..]


Okay, our first takeaway from this sordid story is that Debra Maggart needs serious professional attention. Ever since hernra-maggart1 humiliating defeat by Rep. Courtney Rogers over two years ago, she has frenetically bounced around looking for some sort of redemption or meaning to her life. She was seen earlier this year at the Democrat’s Jefferson/Jackson fundraiser. Then she takes a job working for a Democratic lobbying firm.  This has got to be a cry for help….

And now, according to EverythingHendersonville, Maggart has sought solace in the loving arms of an unhinged Alderman Goode.  Goode is a small-time politician whose website looks like the old “I love me” wall you used to see in obscure congressional offices. Take a look yourself ( then say he doesn’t give narcissists a bad name.  Please tell us he does not have “private” photos of Maggart.

To all this we say: Ew-w-w.

Maggart, Goode and company seem obsessed with fellow Republicans who they have determined are “crazy.” If anyone knows “crazy,” they should. If these two don’t get a grip and stop attacking fellow Republicans who have different opinions, they may find themselves in a real tough spot one day — surrounded by other Republicans who loathe or don’t trust them, or both.

Just like the governor.

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