ACT scores go up one-tenth of 1%…………….. Huffman declares victory……………………. Everybody gets a trophy!!!!

Media dutifully repeats the propaganda without bothering to look at the record.

We are the 99%!  No, wait:  We are the one percent!.  No, that’s not right either:  We are the 0.1%!  Aw, to heck with it.  Everybody gets a trophy!


In a shameful act of spin, the Haslam administration trotted out a press release earlier this week that said ACT scores went up 0.3 percent over last year.  And like pigs to slop, the mainstream media regurgitated the numbers as some big improvement.  What the Haslam administration failed to point out — and what the media failed to research — was that the 0.3 increase came after a 0.2% decrease in scores the year before.  Overall, Huffman has presided over a net increase of only 0.1 percent improvement in ACT scores since his first year in office.

After 1/2 billion dollars in Race to the Top money, millions spent by SCORE trying to pimp for Common Core, hundreds of thousands spent by Haslam’s friends to try and defeat Republican legislators, along with untold hundreds of millions more just from Tennessee taxpayers,  the exalted leadership of the genius that is Kevin “IVFO” Huffman has resulted in a whopping 0.1 percent increase in our students A.C.T. scores.  Wow.

At this rate of “improvement” it will take approximately 12 years and $6 billion in more tax money for Tennessee to reach even the U.S. average (21.0) in A.C.T. scores.  These scuzzballs really have no sense of shame, do they?

Haslam has been quoted as saying Huffman was one of the “two best hires” he has made as governor.  If that’s his best, one shudders to think what his worst hire might be like.

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