Well THAT didn’t take long…

Chief Inspector Jackman

Chief Inspector Jackman

It took less than 24 hours after RTP took a jab at Montgomery County teacher’s union boss, Becky “Inspector Clouseau” Jackman for talking out of her patootie about the Koch Brothers and RTP,  for Jackman to react.  Miss Becky showed up with not one, but two fellow union heavies at a meeting with the county’s school superintendent, Dr. Worthington.  The “show of farce” left everyone scratching their heads as to its purpose.  These days, just being mentioned in Rocky Top Politics seems to be enough to get an over-reaction from some folks.  Just ask Bryan Kaegi.

One of the union enforcers Miss Becky brought along for protection was the ever-popular, ever-militant Maria Uffleman (Uffleman from the OE: Offal, meaning “full of cow dung”). All that was missing were their black truncheons.TEA Headshots and Group Shot on May 22, 2013. Photos by Donn Jones Photography.

Anywho, glad to see the TEA is hard at work trying to make themselves relevant.

Oh, and the Koch Brothers say “Hi.”

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