Haslam flips off Republicans — AGAIN.

monkeyHaslam appoints two Democrats to the State Board of Education.

What is it with this guy? Why does he seem hell-bent to prove he is a closet Democrat? Did something happen in his childhood that makes him seek out Democrats over Republicans? Does he have “acceptance” or “inclusion” issues? Why the compulsion to seek the approval of the sworn enemies of his own political party? What is it?

“Republican” Gov. Bill Haslam announced a whole series of appointments today. Not lost on observers were the the following 2 names (out of three appointments) to the BOE:

cato johnson1.  Cato Johnson



wendy tucker2. Wendy Tucker


Tucker’s appointment was particularly odious to Republicans, since she is the education advisor to Karl Dean, the lefty liberal Mayor of Nashville. Yeah, just what we need: someone who has advised the Democrat mayor on the unmitigated disaster that is Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS motto:  “Thank God for Memphis”).

The other name is Cato Johnson, who was most recently listed on the “Democrats for Alexander” press release (8/10/2014).

To make matters worse, RTP has learned that Haslam has now personally signed off for his closest advisor, Tom Ingram, to work for the campaign of uber-Democrat Charles Robert Bone, who is running to succeed Dean as mayor.

The Haslam Political Doctrine:  Find ways to piss on Republicans.  Appoint Democrats to key positions.  Repeat.

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