RTP Outed!?

Boy, those T.E.A. union leaders are SO smart!

Chief Inspector Jackman

Chief Inspector Jackman

Montgomery County union president, Becky Jackman,was holding court in Clarksville the other day, regaling everyone with her insider’s knowledge of the “real” puppet masters behind RTP.  Naturally, the folks here at RTP were trembling with trepidation that our dark, horrible secret was finally being exposed.  According to Miss Becky, the real funders behind RTP was — wait for it — the Koch Brothers (gasp)!  BJ said she was at a meeting with other high union muckety-mucks and they were all talking about it.

Okay, you got us.  The game is up.  Your detective abilities are astounding.  It’s true — all true!  We make a full and total confession!   RTP is totally funded by the Koch Brothers.  Every dime, every inch of our pockets are lined with their money.  We are their bitches.

koch editWhat’s more, we can also now reveal that one of the RTP team members is also the love child of one of the Koch brothers, born of an affair one of them had in college with a coed who was unfortunately not a true libertarian and who was un-pure in thought and, apparently, deed.  To prove it, we are releasing a photo of that team member taken when they were a baby.  Do you see the resemblance?  It’s a little blurry, but it sure looks like David Koch to us.  Good job, T.E.A.!

clouseauSo what can we expect to be “uncovered” next by the cracked team of sleuths from the T.E.A.?  The location of Jimmy Hoffa’s final resting place?  Photos from Area 51?  Jim Wrye’s membership card from the Alabama Democratic Party?

Let’s see if the T.E.A. leadership can find their butt with both hands. After all, that appears to be the location where they retrieved their latest fevered conspiracy nonsense.

What a bunch of morons.  It’s a wonder your members let you guys out of the office unsupervised.

PS:  And for the record:  No, we do not get one thin dime from the Koch Brothers — directly or indirectly or from their  friends, their butler or the guy who does their dry cleaning.  Unless you’ve got evidence to the contrary (and you don’t), then kindly stop your incessant and uninformed blathering.  It’s starting to embarrass the entire teaching profession.

PSS:  If either of the Koch Brothers are reading this, we welcome any contributions you might send our way.  We take cash , VISA and Mastercard.  Or livestock.

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