Commissar Huffman employs Pravda-style tactics

Translation:  Common Core for the Masses!

Translation: Common Core for the Masses!

Remember how the old Soviet apparatchiks used to make people who fell out of favor “disappear?” They would scrub away someone or some thing by removing all previous references to the target. For good measure, they would airbrush people out of photos.

Inspired by this “cleansing” of awkward facts from the record, Education Commissioner Kevin “I Voted for Obama” Huffman decided the very words “Common Core” (or was it “Commie Core?” We get so confused by all the jargon sometimes…) had become so toxic that they had to be removed.

With some of their typical excellent reporting on education issues, the Momma Bears have alerted the public to the “revisionist history” employed by the fellow travelers at DOE.

Who needs Putin when we got Huffman?

Worker’s Arise! Power to the Proletariat!

“Dasvidaniya, Common Core”

The previous TN DOE websites proudly splashed the words “Common Core” everywhere they could find a space.  NOW look at ‘new and improved” website.  See the words “Common Core” anywhere?



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