SEC Prognostications

No, not that SEC. This is not about football, unless you are talking about political footballs.

The Republican State Executive Committee will be meeting this weekend and RTP will go out on a limb to predict the #1 nostrodamusitem on Chairman Chris Devaney’s agenda:

Rigging the rules.

Devaney, who is ending his second and presumably last term as chairman of the state’s GOP, is said to want to run again. But there are complications against doing so – such as the fact he his term limited — that would take a change in the SEC’s rules before his term expires this fall.

SEC members would do well to remember this is the same chairman who reportedly had his cronies fund a secretive organization called Strong & Free Tennessee to elect members to the SEC.  This organization apparently broke the law when they sent out mailings on behalf of SEC candidates while conveniently forgetting to file the required papers to report their existence.

Will Devaney pull it off? Will he steamroll the Executive Committee and keep control of the party finances and agenda?

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