Alexander loses his home county. Plus 28 others.

Alexander’s “victory” was more like a “near death” experience.

Major Mainstream Media fail as they refuse to report the embarrassing results.

Analysis of the recent GOP senate primary has revealed some remarkable facts — facts which have been ignored by by traditional media, either out of laziness or their latest attempt to prematurely write the obituary of the Tea Party movement. Almost entirely unreported were a couple of politically awkward stories:

1.  Lamar Alexander lost his home county (Blount) to underfunded and unknown challenger Joe Carr, as well as two neighboring counties (Loudoun and Sevier).  This is astonishing.  It is akin to Bill Haslam winning the GOP nomination, but losing Knox County in the process.  The insult is even more pronounced because Alexander was supposedly a true “favorite son” of the tight-knit communities there.  Alexander, is a 7th generation Blount Countian whose parents were school teachers there for decades.  He still has a vacation home in Blount County.  There is even a major highway through the county named the Lamar Alexander Parkway.  For him to lose to the unknown Carr is a direct slap at his record in the U.S. Senate.  For good measure, he also lost his current home county, Davidson.

2.  Joe Carr beat Alexander in 29 counties.  And he came within a 100 votes of winning in another six.  In fact, Carr won, or came within a hair of winning almost every county in Middle Tennessee.  Quite an accomplishment for someone heavily outspent and derided.

3.   A shift of just 5% of the voters and Lamar! would be gone.  Alexander received less than half of the votes in last week’s primary.  If just 1 out of every 20 voters had changed their minds (or even seen a Joe Carr TV ad), the election could have gone very badly for the Senator.

Lost in what passed for reporting and political analysis is the fact there has been a major shift in the mood of the GOP electorate the last couple of elections in Tennessee.  Lamar was lucky to escape those changes with his political life.

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