Welcome to Tennessee Republican politics, Mr. Wrye. Now bend over.

Jim Wrye

Jim Wrye

One of the bigger losers in the closely-watched Williamson County school board elections was the chief schmoozer for the Tennessee Education Association, Jim Wrye.  Wrye and the TEA-backed five candidates, and they all LOST.  TEA also  backed the School Board Chairman in Sumner County – he LOST in a shocker.

The TEA also played heavily in open-seat Republican primaries (the gang at RTP remembers when the TEA couldn’t even say “Republican” without choking).  The results were disastrous.

In the 22nd House district race, TEA-backed Adam Lowe, who LOST. Joshua Evans in the 25th Senate race – LOST. Judy Venneman in House district 4 – LOST.

House district 94, the TEA-backed candidate came in a very distant third, and LOST.  Tommy Crangle in District 27 – LOST. In the 66th House district race, TEA went against Doc Kumar and – you guessed it – LOST that race as well.loser simpson

In fact, in 6 out of 7 open-seat Republican primaries where the TEA endorsed a candidate — those candidates LOST.

Just for good measure, the TEA backed Rep. John Regan’s opponent and backed Rep. Coach Roach and LOST both races. They backed Rep. Steve Hall, who LOST. They backed Cheri Hammond, a former Williamson County school board member who ran against Rep. Glen Casada. If you guessed that she LOST, you would be correct.

We could go on, but perhaps we should pause here and offer RTP’s expert analysis of just why Jimbo and the TEA took it in the shorts.

Could the reason so many TEA-backed Republicans lost in the primary be because they were backed by a freakin’ left-wing labor union???

Toothy grins and back-slapping sycophancy down at the LP cannot cover the ugly truth. Jim Wrye is a hard-core Democrat (see here) working for an Obama-backing labor union run by Democrats, trying to make a Republican super majority believe the TEA leadership are born-again conservatives. We haven’t seen these guys in our church for about 50+ years, so you will excuse us if we doubt their claims of a political epiphany.

Many Republicans have eagerly accepted TEA contributions like a Hoover set on maximum suck, including most all of leadership.  The lesson:  taking the TEA’s money may ultimately cost you your job.

Just ask the Coach.

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