The Weird Caucus takes a hit.

Adios, Senator Nacho Libre. So sad the “strange” is over.

Sen. Campfield

Sen. Campfield

Can anyone match Stacy’s entertainment value?

First Ophelia left the building and/or the bar.  Then Jim Summerville returned to full-time work cooking hamburgers for Popeye and Olive Oyl.  But RTP was crushed to learn Senator Campfield will not be returning for another show, er, session at the LP Theatre of the absurd.

Why, you ask?   It’s simple:  who can possible replace the sheer novelty of the Great Campfield?  We were so looking forward to one of his classic pieces of legislation that would, say,  commission a study to determine who gave AIDS to monkeys in the first place.  Think about how much fun it would it be to watch Lucian Geise have to pull a fiscal note out of his ass so that Charles “Last Term” Sargent and Mike Harrison could kill it House Finance.

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