Who the hell is “Strong & Free Tennessee”?

A most curious PAC has emerged at the last minute to push what many suspect are RINO candidates for the Republican State Executive Committee.  This from our friends at The Jackson Press:

“Strong and Free Tennessee” Mailers

Suspected illegal mailers hit Tennessee: An unregistered Political Action Committee is spending big bucks to influence who is elected to the Republican State Executive Committee or SEC.

Identical mailers have appeared in mailboxes across the state, encouraging Republicans to vote for a committeeman/committeewoman slate.  Some are incumbent members of the executive committee, others are challengers.  The questions are important:

1.  Who are the financial and political backers behind Strong & Free?  They are legally obligated to reveal basic information when they spend that kind of money on political campaigns.

2.  Is Gov. Haslam and/or the leaders of the Senate and House are attempting to secretly stack the executive committee by backing these candidates?

At least one executive committee member has called on legal authorities, and the committee, to investigate.  The executive committee has the power to decide whether to accept  other committee members.

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