Haslam 2 Huffman 2 Cagle 2 Pearson

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Executive Summary:

Governor goes on a secret closed-door education tour.  Invites only hand-picked participants for an “open dialogue” (snicker) about how to ram through the governor’s Common Core agenda — an agenda that stands to make some people very rich off our education tax dollars.  The meetings are set up by an organization whose lobbyist is the same lobbyist for the very company who will get rich from what the governor is trying to force onto the public schools.

Amidst all the well-deserved controversy surround Gov. Haslam’s secret education meetings (which excludes just about anyone who might disagree with the administration) is a major factoid gone almost completely unnoticed by the MSM.

While it has been reported in a couple of outlets that the governor’s office asked and relied on the Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents (TOSS) to  set up the secret meetings, the media missed an important connection:

TOSS is represented by lobbyist Chuck Cagle, who just happens to be the highly-paid lobbyist for — wait for it — Pearson!

Yep.  It seems the Cagle Cash Cow education scam (here, here and here) that shook up the legislature last session, is still going strong.   Pearson stands to make millions if Haslam can shove Common Core down everyone’s throat.  Pearson will make many millions from selling new textbooks that are “Common Core aligned” (and which are frequently selected by many of the school superintendents Cagle just happens to represent).  And let’s not forget the obnoxious PARCC testing program which the legislature delayed (over Haslam’s and Huffman”s objections) last session.  Pearson  is expected to rake in even more millionsm from testing if Haslam succeeds in making the legislature his Common Core bitch for the coming session.

corruptionCorrupt or not, the fact is Haslam, Cagle, Huffman, Woodson and the rest of Apple Dumpling Gang is playing grab-ass with our kids’ education dollars.

This all sure smells like corruption.  Oh sure, not the crass corruption like making cash payments to John Ford, but the quiet, underhanded, Chicago-styles crony capitalism like that practiced by Kevin Huffman’s political hero, B. H. Obama.

And Haslam can’t afford to give teachers the lousy 3% raise he promised last year?

How about a “manual rebate” for educators and taxpayers, governor?  Or is that only reserved for cronies, sycophants and favored business associates?

It’s a damn good thing for Bill that he doesn’t have an opponent.  And its a damn good thing for Bill the news media act like lazy hacks when it comes to asking and demanding answers to hard questions.

As for the gang at RTP, we’re voting for Coonripppy Brown.  He at least has the appearance of having something resembling ethics.

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