Yep, it’s true: Sargent’s campaign freaks out.

The RTP team has been hard at work overnight trying to track down the wild stories coming out of the House race between Charles Sargent and Steve Gawrys.  We even have a new one to add to the toxic brew that has become the Sargent re-election operation.

Prime suspect in political campaign bribery case.

Prime suspect in political campaign bribery case.

First, there was the rumor that after a scuffle between Sargent himself and a female supporter of his opponent, the Sargent campaign filed a complaint with the District Attorney’s office.  As it turns out, the complaint was not filed over that reported fracas, but a complaint was filed over the July 22nd “Slushie-Gate” incident involving Sargent’s daughter.

Unbelievably, after Gawrys offered a couple of cold drinks to a couple of young Sargent volunteers on a blazing hot day, the Sargent camp filed a formal complaint that Gawrys was “trying to induce voters.”

With Slushies?

The complaint was filed with Kim Helper of the 21st Judicial District of the state District  Attorney General’s office (and no, we are not making this up).  Within an hour of Gawrys’ response to the complaint the DA’s office dropped the complaint.  Smart DA.

One shudders to think what the Sargent campaign would do if someone offered his campaign workers a — gasp! — Snicker’s bar.

RTP is still trying to rack down the alleged video of one of these incidents.  We’ll let you know if we find it.

But Wait!  There’s More!

Within the last hour comes word that the wife of a lobbyist whose husband’s employer has funneled thousands of dollars into Sargent’s campaign, was apparently seen taking photos of Gawrys supporters license plate in order to “track them down.”  The fact that this lobbyist’s wife is none other than Sargent’s campaign manager, Mary Kate Brown, makes this whole fiasco even funnier.

We have also been told that Sargent himself has been seen taking similar photos, but we have no independent knowledge of that.  We  repeat that particular rumor primarily to see if it will induce the Sargent campaign to do something even more nuts.  The smart money in the office pool here at RTP says they will.

Stay tuned.


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