Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more weird in the Sargent-Gawrys race, comes lurid tales of Bribery! Intimidation!  Forces of Darkness!

The following comes to RTP from reliable (meaning we believe them…) sources about three recent events.

The first incident happen a few days ago when temperatures on the parking lot at the Franklin early voting location on West Main soared into the high 90’s.  On the day in question, mild-mannered newcomer and drive-in(s) owner Steve Gawrys was campaigning when he saw a couple of young ladies who were supporting his opponent struggling to put up a canopy tent to try and beat the heat.  Gawrys, ever on the lookout for a chance to corrupt our nation’s youth and exert undue political influence, took pity on the girls and walked over to help them get their tent up.  The fiend!  After his obviously cynical and cruel attempt at being a Good Samaritan, he walked back over to his spot and politicked a little more.

After a while, with no relief from the heat in sight, Gawrys decided to make a Slushie run to his drive-in and bring back cold drinks for his volunteers.  He even threw in a couple of extras for other volunteers back at the polls.  When he arrived back at the parking lot, Gawrys saw the Sargent volunteers were still there and walked a couple of Slushies over to them.  Are there no limits to his perfidy?!

Shortly after, a lady who was reportedly Charles Sargent’s daughter, took the Slushies from the girls and returned them to Gawrys, saying that he was not going to be allowed to try and bribe Sargent’s volunteers.

So that is what this country has come to.  Attempts to bribe legislators and their supporters with sugary drinks.  What’s next — diabetes?  Someone should lock this Gawrys fellow up and through away the key.  Or at least make him eat at McDonalds.

[Editors note:  We were also told that Sargent’s daughter threatened to file a complaint about the “improper” gifts of Slushies to the authorities.  RTP is still trying to get independent confirmation about this last bit, but until we do, we thought we would throw it up on the Internet anyway just to watch some people foam at the mouth]

Folks, we are not making this stuff up.  Couldn’t if we tried.  Here’s another one.

A couple of days ago, Rep. Sargent’s wife accosted a local politico and proceeded to lay a full-blown rant on him.  Among the charges she hurled at her target was that he was “working for the dark side,” and that “he didn’t know who he was messing with.”  Well, holy crap on a cracker, Batman!  We now have Beezlebub himself engaged in the primary.  Who knew?

But why are the Sargent people so angry?  Seriously, it’s just a political campaign — right?

The last contretemps (that’s French.  Look it up, all you low-information voters) came from Sargent’s campaign manager, Mary Kate Brown, who vented her spleen at one of Garwys’ major donors, accusing him and others of a variety of misdeeds including “attacking my family.”  Apparently Mary Kate is still trying to use her family as political human shields against facts about her and her husband’s cozy financial relationship with Rep. Sargent.  In case you missed RTP’s previous posts on the subject, here it is in the Reader’s Digest condensed format:

Josh Brown is a lobbyist for Pfizer.   As such he has directed thousands of dollars in political contributions to Sargent’s re-election campaign.  Several thousand dollars of that money ended up in the pocket of his wife,Mary Kate Brown, who is being paid to be Sargent’s campaign manager.  It’s all true and public information.

Come to think of it, maybe that’s the reason for all the anger.




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