Are the wheels coming off the Sargent Campaign?

Candidate reportedly gets into public fight?  Police complaint filed?  Caught on video?

RTP had no sooner posted the blog about the strange and angry actions by some in the Sargent political and personal families, when we were tipped of about an incident that allegedly occurred yesterday afternoon.  And this one involves Sargent himself.



Reports, rumors and tips to the RTP Tip Line  (our favorite kind) are swirling around the Franklin community about a screaming (and perhaps physical) fight the erupted at the West Main early voting poll in Franklin between  Rep. Charles Sargent and a female supporter of his opponent, Steve Gawrys.  Supposedly the police were called and a complaint was filed.

There is also reported to be a video of the incident and that has prompted at least one major TV news department to be hot on the heels of the story.

Hell, none of this may be true.  But one can only imagine the negatives impact on the Sargent campaign if it is.

RTP will bring you updates just as soon as somebody comes up with some new information.

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