………… **UPDATE** to the **UPDATE** ………… Email from the Director of Bradley County Schools

RTP has been given the exact language of the email Bradley County Schools Director Johnny McDaniel had sent to his school board members AFTER the governor and Kevin Huffman had held their secret meeting:

“Today, Bradley County Schools had the privilege to host a meeting for Governor Haslam. The Governor, along with Commissioner Huffman, met with teachers and school leaders from five systems, Bradley , Cleveland City, Hamilton, Meigs, and Rhea. Amber Caldwell and Nat Akiona represented our system well. This was one of 12 meetings the Governor has scheduled around the state to have dialog with teachers and school leaders.

We were not able to inform you of this event as we had been instructed by the Governor’s office that this was a private meeting with the arrangements being set by the Governor’s office. We were not allowed to inform board members or media in advance of the event.

Sammie for Mr. McDaniel”

Mr. McDaniel must be a mighty brave (or stupid) man to side with the governor’s office instead of immediately informing the people who hired him to his job.  This is NOT going to look good on his next performance review.

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