Bill & Kevin’s Magical Mystery Tour

haslamHis boosters like to speculate that “Republican” Gov. Bill Haslam may run for president.

Well, he’s sure running Tennessee with the same openness and competence exhibited by the current occupant of the White House.

First there was the refusal to publicly release his taxes (even in the face of a major corruption investigation into his family’s business).  Then there was the under-the-table payments to his lobbyist/consultant (nah, that didn’t look sleazy at all).  There was the attempt to open state lands to fracking — by a company associated with a member of the board of Pilot/Flying J, who hired the brother of the governor’s chief fundraiser to lobby the administration.  And let’s not forget the sweetheart deal with Jones-LaSalle uncovered by Nashville’s Channel 5 that just reeked of crony capitalism, if not outright corruption.

Yep, Haslam has learned how to govern “the Chicago Way.”   Haslam apparently admires Barack Obama so much he even hired one of the president’s most ardent supporters — a fellow Democrat (Kevin “I voted for Obama” Huffman) to run Tennessee’s schools.

But this week the governor has taken his penchant for running Tennessee like Obama a step further.  He is currently holding secret meetings and excluding the elected officials who the voters elected to represent them in such matters.  Word leaked out of Bradley County that yesterday the governor held a closed, invitation only meeting with a small group of educators, most of who are supporters or paid representatives of the administration Common Core agenda.  According to sources on the Bradley County School Board, the governor’s office instructed participants NOT to invite members of the school board and NOT to tell the media about the meeting.  RTP’s sources tell us that the Secret Tour moved to Clarksville today, with the same instructions and the same closed door/no-opposing-voices-allowed meeting.

After 15 Republican legislators sent the governor a letter asking for the removal of Kevin Huffman, the governor sneered that the legislators “weren’t interested in open dialogue.”

Clearly, the governor has a different definition of “open dialogue” than the rest of us.








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