Why is the TEA protecting Huffman?

Yeah, yeah.  We know the title of this article is likely to cause conniptions among some of those at union headquarters.  But what are we to think when the TEA continues to refuse to make a formal call for Kevin “I Voted for Obama” Huffman’s firing?  Does the TEA lobbyist have his nose so far up the governor’s nether regions that he cannot bring himself to join the 15 legislators, 58 school superintendents, a couple of newspapers and thousands of teachers (and thousands of TEA’s own members) who have sign petitions to throw Huffman’s sorry butt out of the Volunteer state?

Here is today’s quote in TNReport.com from TEA lobbyist, Jim Wrye:

And the Tennessee Education Association, the state’s largest teachers’ union, believes that the TCAP delay is another in a line of issues with the state’s top education executive, said Jim Wrye, government relations manager for the TEA.

“The policies were placed in that it would be anywhere between 15 and 25 percent of a student’s grade, and that it wasn’t ready at the end of school just threw a huge wrench into what is one of the most important things — which are final grades — for students, and especially for teachers,” Wrye said.

Wrye, though acknowledging he’s not a lawyer, said he found the AG’s opinion interesting because “the idea that you could be exempted from student assessments was something that was prohibited in that flexibility bill. It was something we had discussed at length during the legislative session.”

Notice that for all his blathering and “concern,” he never got around to actually calling for Huffman’s resignation.  Oh, and it should also be noted that TEA sits on the board of S.C.O.R.E., the wholly-owned subsidiary of Pearson, Inc. who has been Huffman’s greatest supporter and protector.

Leadership got your tongue, Jim?  We noticed you have started to make contributions to Republicans in a rather pathetic attempt to get them to forget that your organization spent the last 50 years or so trying to make sure that no Republican got elected or re-elected.  You think we didn’t noticed the moola you sent to Jimmy Naifeh, Bob Rochelle, Randy Rinks and the rest of the Democrat Party?

Just say the word, Jim.  Say it:


We know you can do it.  The only question is why you won’t.

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