Lois Lerner: Meet Susan Drury

Less than 24 hours after RTP published our story about the connection between Williamson Strong and the scuz buckets at SEIU, a central figure in that unholy alliance, Susan Drury, tried to whitewash her LinkedIn page.

Drury removed her professional status, thinking foolishly that doing so would help conceal her involvement in the “grassroots” organization that just appeared from nowhere to influence next month’s school board elections.

Lois Lerner tried to make her emails disappear.  Drury tried to do the same with her internet resume.

Nice try.

We now await the protests and fulminations of other members of Williamson Strong that theirs is truly a spontaneous and genuine group of “concerned parents” and not just the front group for a thug union like the SEIU.  SEIU clearly wants access to taxpayer money in the form of new members for their union, and Susan Drury is their “community organizer.”  With a resume like Susan’s, why maybe she could someday run for governor –even president!  The current occupant of the White House was a “community organizer” too, and look how well that turned out.

In the interim, here is yet another screen shot of Drury’s recently deleted LinkedIn page.  As an added bonus, the listing also showed that Drury worked with the SEIU to help pass ObamaCare!  How nice.

Unlike Lois Lerner’s email, Susan would do well to remember:  the Internet is forever.

Drury copy


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