Mae Beavers NOT a conservative”? Oh, puhleeze.

It’s getting close to the silly season that marks the last stages of the August primary election.  And some legislative wannabe candidates are swinging for the fence, and whiffing in the process.

Some guy named Clark Boyd wants to be a state senator in the seat now held by Sen. Mae Beavers.  This district is one of the most conservative in a conservative state.  For years now, Beavers has been regarded as one of — probably the most — conservative members of the state legislature.  The not so subtle word on the street is that the establishment types in the GOP, including Gov. Haslam, would love to see Beavers defeated.  Their main complaint seems to be her annoying habit of bringing attention to those members who are conservatives at election time, but legislate back to the Left when they get to Nashville.

So the “powers-that-be” and their Lobbyist allies went out and recruited some poor schmuck to take on Beavers.  And this is what he and his campaign came up with as a winning strategy:



Seriously?  Mae Beavers “failed to defend our conservative principles?”

The only thing more ridiculous than claiming Mae Beavers is NOT a conservative is trying to claim Bill Haslam IS.

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