Frank Daniels: Conservative Strategist?

Few things are as transparent or absurd as a liberal columnist for a liberal newspaper offering advice to conservatives.

In a Sunday column, Frank Daniels “The Third” tried to spin a ridiculous meme that being in favor of the expensive ObamaCare Medicaid expansion was actually a conservative value. Sure, Frank. And rooting for the Vols is a demonstration of your support for the Crimson Tide.  What’s next: Nancy Pelosi taking advice from Ron Ramsey?

Frank The Third just glossed over the glaringly obvious pitfalls of expanding Medicaid and its potentially devastating impact on Tennessee taxpayers and the state budget — pitfalls that have caused 24 states to reject the expansion. For good measure, The Third said that those who opposed Medicaid expansion were “juvenile and petulant,” “obstinate” and “childish.” Whew! Been working the ol’ Thesaurus overtime to expand your name-calling capabilities, eh, Frank?

Here are the facts about the glorious and wonderfuil Medicaid expansion that every lefty from Barack to Bill Ayers has been trying to sell:

The expansion is not “free.” To suck in states and get them addicted/committed to the whole Obamacare scheme, the feds say they will pay all or most of the costs until 2020. What happens then, Frank? You expect us to believe the federal government will continue funding the expansion at the 90% level? The same damn thing happened to TennCare until it got so bad, Gov. Phil Bredesen cut hundreds of thousands from the rolls because the state could no longer afford even their smaller percentage of matching funds in order to attract the federal dollars.  On the same day Frank was trotting out his argument, no less than the Washington Post columnist Robert Samuelson said expansion could be black hole for taxpayers:

One is the assumption that the 90 percent reimbursement rate remains permanently. Why should it? To curb budget deficits, Congress might cut it. “The ACA says what it says. Future Congresses can repeal or modify it”….. Could the favorable reimbursement be bait-and-switch? States’ actual costs could be higher than assumed. Why make a bad problem worse?

Frank is like those gullible consumers who fall for the old scam of signing up for a lifetime of huge interest payments because some credit card company made a “Free Introductory Offer: 0% Interest (for the first 3 months). trust meTaxpayers have Been There, Done That on everything from income taxes to “users fees.” But liberals like Frank The Third keep trying to convince us “down is up.”

But towards the end of his column Frank the Third’s liberal slip finally shows when he advocates the expansion of TennCare through a “special sales tax.” Geez, Frank, couldn’t you keep up the “Ich bin ein conservative” charade long enough to make it all the way through just one column?

Having a liberal like Frank The Third try to tell us what is and is not “conservative” is a hoot.

It was no accident Frank’s column came exactly at the same time Gov. Haslam was meeting with the new U.S. HHS secretary, in which he made his 43rd pitch to let us spend the fed’s expansion money “the Tennessee way” (whatever the hell that is).  The secretary gave the Guv the predictable “middle finger” response to his attempt to force feed us a Medicaid expansion the state legislature has already bagged, tagged and buried.

Maybe you and the governor should get together and compare notes, Frank. A couple of “hard-core, right wing conservatives” like you two should have a lot in common.


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