You still need a signed hall pass from the Legislature, Governor

Haslam to Talk with New US Health Sec. About Medicaid Expansion

Associated Press, July 9, 2014

Talk all you want Bill, you still need a permission slip from the General Assembly.

You got to give “Republican” Gov. Bill Haslam some credit — he’s consistent on at least some things.  In the case of the expensive Medicaid expansion the Obama administration is trying to force on the states, Bill just won’t stop beating that dead horse.  His obsession with doing Obama’s bidding is exactly why the legislature passed a bill that requires the governor to get permission from them before he does anything on Medicaid expansion.

Why did they do that?  It’s simple — they don’t trust him.  Nor should they.

Now if only the legislature would do the same thing to get the Guv and his minion, Kevin Huffman, to stop promoting Obama’s education agenda.


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