75,000 and counting

75,000 and Counting!

75,000 and Counting!

For all of those politicians, bureaucrats and hangers-on who were hoping — praying — that Rocky Top Politics would fade away, sorry.

Instead, we have hit another milestone!  RTP has been in business for only a little over three months and already we have had over 75,000 unique visitors to our little site.  When we started we had less than 150 viewers per day.  Now we get nearly 1,200 per day.  What’s more, we have steadily grown each month of operation to the point we are now averaging 30,000 viewers per month.  Not bad for a group of obviously deranged and socially-maladjusted malcontents.

Why if we didn’t know better, we might think people were tuning in because we are filling a rather obvious void in political analysis and commentary in Tennessee.

Or maybe they think we’re a porn site.

Either way — thanks for reading.

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