PETITION WAR! Referendum on Huffman?

Oh, how RTP enjoys a good food fight.

No sooner had the education industry moneyed interests (supported by their favorite press agents at the Tennessean) trotted out a lame-ass petition designed to shore up Kevin “IVFO” Huffman, comes a direct competition.

A parent group called Momma Bears put up a petition on advocating the removal of Huffman.  The pro-Huffman group said they hoped to get 500 signatures and would not release their petition until they did.  It appears that in less than 48 hours, the Dump Huffman petition soared to nearly 2,500 signers.  And of course, those signatories don’t include the 15 Republican legislators and 59 school superintendents who have already delivered “no confidence” letters to the governor (who airily dismissed them as “stunts”).

The pro-Huffman people need to put their bright idea in the “Be Careful What You Ask For” file.

RTP encourages all our readers to visit the two petitions and sign one.  We don’t take sides, so your choices are:

1.  The petition created by parents who actually have kids in public schools, or

2.  The other one.

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