NOW we’re scared…

O-o-o-o.  A Petition to support Kevin “IVFO” Huffman!

scaredWow, we sure didn’t see that coming. What an absolutely brilliant piece of political strategy — a petition. And not just any petition, nosiree. This is a petition conceived, created and circulated by every money-grubbing slime ball who is or stands to make money off of spending our education tax dollars.

Oh, don’t get us wrong. RTP is all for the free enterprise system — you know, using private capital for private business ventures — but these vultures are circling every taxpayer dog bowl within sniffing distance to try and extract the maximum dollars from the education budget, while admonishing us: “But it’s for the children, you heartless bastards…”

And who is their “man on the inside” who is trying to keep the parasitic gravy train going? Why none other than the Chief Enforcer for the Obama education agenda in Tennessee — Kevin Huffman!Kevin and Obama edit 2

This is the same Kevin Huffman who funneled $12 million of our money to his old employers in no-bid contracts — a scandal the MSM and of course, the Haslam administration is loath to investigate.

But a petition! That will silence Huffman’s critics, you bet! What’s next? A poll? A sternly worded letter to the editor from Jamie Woodson? Everyone here at RTP is simply faint with fear and trepidation.

And the petitioners are already lowballing their success by proudly announcing they will release it petition when they get 500 names. Let’s see: 500 names divided by the population of Tennessee (6,346,105 ) =  0.000015 % of the state.  Yep, looks like a representative sample to us!

Yeah, a piss-poor, pitiful petition run by the bloodsuckers pushing Common Core and PARCC testing. Their brilliant maneuvering has clearly defeated us.  We may  just as well give up and go home now……

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