Is Bob Corker “up” to the job?

this tall

Let the jokes begin! 

Is Bob “up “for a presidential race?  Can he “rise” to the occasion? Will Bob stand up and be counted (Oh, wait.  He’s already standing….).  Here is our favorite, and it’s not even a joke.

Sen. Bob Corker is in trouble for using the word ‘midget.’

Nope, we are not making this stuff up.  And yes, short jokes are easy.  corkerBut as Bob’s golfing buddy has come to realize, being president is really hard.  And the word on the street (or at least in the National Journal), is that Bob thinks he’s ready.

Despite his being vertically challenged, Bob Corker has a couple of other shortcomings (Okay, sorry.  We promise to stop now.  But it’s so-o-o easy….).

If Corker thinks Republican primary voters will not hold him accountable, he will be very disappointed in the outcome of a presidential run.  Here is but one example of where he may have a problem:

Corker’s gas tax proposal gets mixed reviews

Apparently Bob doesn’t think the U.S. government spends enough or taxes people enough.  Oh, sure, he offers the fig leaf of corresponding “cuts” to the budget to cover the new tax, but does anyone believe him?  Of course not. Washington never actually decreases the budget.  And for that matter, why not just say exactly where you are going to cut, cut it, and then use the money for your roads programs?  So why the need for a new tax?

Corker for President

“Because he raised your gas taxes.”

Yeah, that’s a winning slogan for the New Hampshire primary.


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