Calling Dr. Huffman — Calling Dr. Huffman


“We’re feeling broadly pretty good.”

Only in the warped world of Kevin Huffman could a patient who has flatlined be considered improving.

Trying to put the best face on a miserable TCAP report (a test many believe has been manipulated to hide even worse results), Doc Huffman put his spin into overdrive.  In the process, he just kinda sorta glossed over his previous arguments that grades 3-8 were doing so much better than high school because “they had been exposed to the Common Core curriculum for a longer period of time.”

So much for that rather obvious BS.

Huffman and Haslam, as well as Dr. Frist at SCORE, keep cherry-picking testing numbers (that is when they get the tests done on time), hoping the public and the media ignore the rather obvious shortcomings in their drive to make Tennessee’s education system conform with the Obama administration’s idea of how to educate your kids.

Apparently brain surgery is not your forte, Dr. Huffman.  You might want to try pathology (the study of the dead).  Or proctology (the study of you).proctology 1



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