Oh, Charlie. Say it ain’t so!

RTP sources report that embattled Rep. Charles Sargent has a rather curious past for someone who is now a member of GOP House leadership (Chair, House Finance Committee).

Way back in ancient times (1982 to be exact), Chuck was Williamson County chairman for a Democrat.

Williamson Co. Chairman for Democrat for Governor?

Williamson Co. Chairman for Democrat for Governor?

In and of itself, that might not be seem like such a big deal.  After all, other Dem politicians “got religion” and had conversions (usually under threat of political annihilation) to the GOP, so what’s the big deal, you say?

Well. Sargent was the chairman for a very flawed candidate, Democrat Randy Tyree.  And just who was Tyree running against?  Why, none other than Governor (now Senator) Lamar Alexander!  Tyree was the mayor of Knoxville who wanted to be governor (sound familiar?).  Lamar! easily won re-election and Tyree was heaved into the political dustbin.

Considering the usual reliability of our source, RTP believes this information to be true.  But in the interest of fairness (and our desire to start an argument) we invite Charles Sargent to dispute it.  He can reach us at:




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