The Guv is going to need some more underwear.

Why is it that every time Bill Haslam thinks someone is challenging his political manhood, he gets his panties in a wad?

Time to strap on your big girl panties, Governor

Time to strap on your big girl panties, Governor

The most recent example of him soiling his unmentionables when someone disagrees with him came when a number of GOP legislators sent him a letter demanding the resignation of his commissioner of education, Kevin Huffman (oh, have we mentioned recently that shortly before Haslam offered him the job, Huffman wrote an editorial in the Washington Post bragging that he voted for Obama?  Just trying to keep our readers up to date on just one of the many Democrats Haslam has hired to run our state government).

Our “Republican” governor worked himself up to a full snit and proclaimed: “If you’re going to write a letter instead of coming in to talk, to me it says you’re not really concerned with getting to the right answer.”    (Well!)

We think Bill is kinda missing the point here.  It seems to us that since the legislators already had a pretty good idea how the governor would respond to the request to fire Huffman, they decided it would be more efficient to send him a letter.  That way they could avoid having to wait a couple of months for the guv’s staff to get around to scheduling a meeting on the second Tuesday of the third week of September.  A meeting would also require legislators to drive from the four corners of the state and that would just add pesky greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.  Wouldn’t want to kill the planet for a meeting just so you could tell them to go screw themselves and the constituents they rode in on, now would you, governor?

And there is the whole Emily Post thing:  Which finger sandwiches are proper to serve at a hostile meeting?  And the seating arrangements could be a problem.  For instance who would have to sit next to Mark Cate?  According to RTP sources, back in the spring, Cate tried to help recruit primary challengers against some of the signers of the letter?  Awkward!

And don’t forget all the  “thank you” cards you would have to write the participants.

Yeah, a letter was a lot better.


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