Here we go again — Charles Sargent’s problems with the Truth.

At a breakfast forum yesterday in Franklin, embattled incumbent Charles Sargent was asked why he did not sign the letter from fellow Republicans to the governor demanding the resignation of Kevin “IVFO” Huffman.  Sargent replied that he would have signed the letter, but “no one asked me.”

Really, Charlie?  That’s the best you can do?

After playing the role of enforcer and using every sleazy legislative trick he could muster in an attempt to block any anti-Common core or anti-PARCC testing legislation from making to the House floor, Charles Sargent actually has the nerve to say “Why, I would have signed the letter if someone had asked.”


We understand that you were not asked to sign the letter by your colleagues, because to do so would be hypocritical after everything you did during session to cover Huffman’s butt.

But, hey, we are all about redemption and second chances here at RTP.  There is another candidate forum this evening, so you will have a great opportunity to let your position be known, Mr. Chairman. We’ll make this really easy for you.  baptism2Attached is a copy of the letter your GOP colleagues sent to the governor.  Heck, we don’t care if you draft your own letter calling for Huffman’s immediately dismissal.  Just sign the letter.

Anything less and your would rightly be accused of lying.  Of course this wouldn’t be the first time you were caught telling a whopper and hoping the voters don’t notice.  (RTP: “So who’s the liar?  Who’s the coward?”).

Just sign the damn letter, Charles.




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