Davidson straw poll rigged by Alexander supporters?

There is more on last weekend’s straw poll controversy.  The poll in the race for Senate (Alexander vs. Carr) conducted at the Davidson County GOP Picnic, was suddenly called off AFTER the votes were starting to be counted.

Thanks to RTP’s merry band of Tipsters (RTPtipline@gmail.com), more accusations are flying and they are focused squarely on Alexander supporters.  Verbatim from our sources:

“According to those who counted the votes the campaign manager for Lamar Alexander, Alice Rolli  was seen filling out multiple ballots (there is video ).

Ballot Box stuffer? Alexander campaign manager Alice Rolli

Ballot Box stuffer?
Alexander campaign manager Alice Rolli

Those who counted the ballots say Ms. Rolli paid for 36 ballots after she became concerned about the Carr turnout and was leaked information that Lamar was loosing [sic] the  straw poll. All this can be verified by those who actually counted the votes

Does anyone out there have a link to the video mentioned above?   We are not sure we have ever seen video evidence of stuffing a ballot box.  RTP promises to post the video link with no editing or commentary, unless of course, we feel like it….

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