Et tu, TEA?

Dad_The_Veteran_32It’s been several days since 15 GOP legislators called on “Republican” Gov. Bill Haslam to fire education commissioner Kevin “I voted for Obama” Huffman.  Since then, at least one statewide teacher’s group, Tennessee Professional Educators, has publicly joined the “no confidence” vote on Huffman.

But what about the teacher’s union — the T.E.A.?  They claim to represent teachers’ interests, but they have been conspicuously quiet on the issue.  Surely their members are no fans of The Huffmeister.  Almost to a person, teachers across the state oppose Huffman’s drive to enrich Pearson and PARCC with even more testing initiatives.  When the TCAP debacle unfolded, T.E.A. was quick with the press release condemning Huffman’s screw-up (or cover-up).  But as for actually calling for the governor to fire his sorry ass, they seem strangely reticent. To our knowledge, they have never specifically called on the governor to fire Huffman and certainly have not done so recently.

Some would interpret this post as nothing more than an blatant attempt to shame the T.E.A. into taking a stand on behalf of what members they have left.  They would be correct in that interpretation.

Maybe Jim Wrye has spent so many hours schmoozing with the likes of Harry Brooks and Jamie Woodson that he now finds it difficult to get up off his knees and stand up for teachers.  Maybe T.E.A.’s position on the board of S.C.O.R.E. — the lead advocates for more testing and other pernicious education “reform” programs presents such an egregious conflict of interest — has effectively sold their soul to the Devil, er, Huffman.

Whatever the reason, the T.E.A. needs to grow a pair and do the right thing.  Now.

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