And THAT is why we made Bill Haslam ask for permission

News this morning that former Clinton fundraising sleazeball and current governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe has said to hell with the Virginia legislature, HE can expand Medicaid without their permission.  This from a Washington Post editorial (when the Post disagrees with a Democrat, now that’s news…):

Virginia’s governor claims he can expand Medicaid on his own say-so

June 21, 2014

VIRGINIA GOV. Terry McAuliffe (D) faced a tough choice this week, with only bad options amid the biggest Obamacare fight in the country. Republicans in the legislature have been determined to turn down billions in federal money to cover some 400,000 low-income Virginians. Mr. McAuliffe on Friday announced that he would go it alone, bypassing the General Assembly and unilaterally expanding access to affordable health care in the state. In a public address, the governor insisted that he had many legal avenues, and he assigned his secretary of health and human services to bring him a plan by Sept. 1st.

It was Mr. McAuliffe who sought the democratic validity of expanding low-income health coverage with legislative approval. He asked the General Assembly to approve taking the cash the federal government set aside to pump up the state’s Medicaid program, or at least to accept the money and expand coverage among low-income Virginians some other way. Months of deadlock resulted, but in the end Mr. McAuliffe failed to persuade lawmakers.


But as he develops his backup plan, Mr. McAuliffe cannot pretend as though the General Assembly has not spoken.

When Bill Haslam said he wouldn’t expand Medicaid without the legislature’s permission, the General Assembly invoked Ronald Reagan (“Trust, but verify”) and humiliated the governor by making him come back before the legislature to plead for any plan that involved extending the reach of ObamaCare through the Medicaid expansion trap.

If our neighboring state serves as a cautionary example, it seems the Tennessee legislature’s fears were well-founded.  This is Haslam’s most recent statement on Medicaid expansion:


Medicaid Expansion Still on Haslam’s To-Do List

May 8, 2014

Gov. Bill Haslam assured reporters Wednesday he hasn’t given up on the prospect of the state accepting federal funding to expand taxpayer-financed health coverage for lower income Tennesseans.

Speaking during a press conference at Lipscomb University in Nashville, the Republican governor stressed, as he has before, that his administration faces a daunting political challenge in fashioning a Medicaid-expansion policy acceptable both to the Obama administration and the GOP-run Tennessee General Assembly.“Getting something passed — even if it is something that we get approved with (the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services), and it’s something that we think is good for Tennessee — will not be an easy sell at all,” said Haslam. “That is why we are working so hard in Washington to get something that can sell here.”

Our “Republican” governor just won’t let it go, seemingly content to beat the dead horse until the legislature bitch-slaps him once again.  Some people never learn.  dead horseDemocrat Gov.Terry McAuliffe is one of those people.  “Republican” Gov. Bill Haslam is another.

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