Maybe he’s stopping by Switzerland to review his tax returns

With absurd secrecy, Gov. Bill Haslam is traveling to Asia with undisclosed companions on an undisclosed business development mission.  He’s be following a tight, undisclosed schedule that will cost Tennessee taxpayers an undisclosed sum of money.   Critics on the left and the right are sneering at the Guv’s penchant for looking positively paranoid when it comes to transparency in his administration.  They are also — rightfully — concerned that the governor is promising taxpayer-funded giveaways in the process.  Read the story here.

We cannot confirm it, but there is a rumor Haslam took along a video tape on how to bow and grovel when dealing with foreign leaders, business or otherwise..  Here is an exclusive photo from that video:


And who is that scraping the floor with his nose?  Why, yes, observant readers that is none other then the guy who Kevin Huffman voted for for president.

Let’s all sing together now: “It’s a small world, after all…..” small world



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