DOE stonewalling on TCAP scores?

rotten appleThe few TCAP results starting to trickle out have only added fuel to the suspicion that something is very rotten at the DOE.

With absolutely no fanfare, the DOE quietly released only the TVAAS scores online earlier this week, but did not release the achievement scores and proficiency rates at the same time. One school administrator said that without the entire set, the numbers “are meaningless.”

Another educator said it leads one to believe the overall numbers are either really bad or that DOE has been frantically trying to manipulate the results to avoid a huge embarrassment that could bring down the administration’s Common Core agenda. “Handling it this way certainly does not build confidence,” she said.

The problems stem from the sheer complexity of the grading process and the lack of consistency with how the results are determined and reported. Many educators say the process is so convoluted that the opportunity for corruption and/or manipulation of the results is a very real concern.

RTP agrees.  After the TCAP fiasco last month, several opinion leaders and newspapers called for Commissionre Kevin Huffman’s resignation. Could Haslam finally be getting the message that his selection of a liberal Democrat for education commissioner was horrible and that the results of Huffman’s leadership has been a disaster for students and teachers alike?

Probably not.

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