Cat got your tongues?

imagesIt’s been a week since the Gates Foundation blew a large hole in the USS Haslam and it’s sister ship, the SS S.C.O.R.E with their recommendation for a two-year delay in using Common Core testing to evaluate teachers and students.  The Gates Foundation has been one of the prime financial backers of promoting Common Core in Tennessee.

To quote Joe Biden: “This is a big f**king deal.”

How big?  Well. the Haslam administration threw down the gauntlet when conservatives demanded a 2-year delay in testing.  The governor said “Absolutely not.”  Mark Cate was sent out to strong-arm anyone who dared vote for any delay by threatening primary opposition, detours of career advancement and the ceremonial ripping up of a legislator’s Pilot/Flying J rebate card (some of those cards are now worth millions of dollars, according to recent court settlements).  After stamping his feet and holding his breath, the governor was forced to take a one-year delay anyway.

And now the Gates Foundation has pulled the rug out from underneath even that compromise.

The way one can tell  Haslam, Huffman & Woodson are concerned about this development is their absolute silence on last week’s Foundation press release.  The same folks who would run over old ladies and small children in a race to get in front of the TV cameras to announce every word and every dollar coming from Gates have now gone dark.

Naturally, the state media did not carry a single story about the Gates reversal, but rest assured legislators know about it.  Look for a move to extend the testing moratorium next session.


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